Innovative Learning Week – Four Weeks to Go!


Leave the duvets at home – it’s time for Innovative Learning Week. And you should get involved. Why? Just ask her.

Welcome to the jungle

From 18-22 February this year, lectures, seminars and tutorials here at the University of Edinburgh will be replaced with a variety of inventive, exciting and generally different learning experiences. You’ll be given the chance to get involved with a variety of brilliant events organised by Schools and central services across the University.


Like the great Bowie, Innovative Learning Week has many faces, characters and costumes. Put your own stamp on it. Design your own ILW. Concentrate on the areas that you need to develop.

Any way you want it, that’s the way you need it

Innovative Learning Week is for students. It should be led by students too.

Look at Innovative Learning Week as an opportunity. It’s not assessed, it’s not mandatory, but it is an important part of your University schedule, and you will benefit from taking part. It’s not just about the Journey, but the Journey helps.

Why don’t you come on over, Valerie?

We want you to get involved with Innovative Learning Week. This one week out of the academic year is specifically scheduled to allow you to get your hands dirty, to speak up and out, to pad out your well-rounded University experience.

Much like that tree in the woods, if no one turns up and no one gets involved, all the work, creativity and, yes, innovation will have been for nothing.

This Must Be the Place

This space will be dedicated to the upcoming events during ILW. Every working say, this blog will feature a new event. Better still, come the big week itself, our team of brilliant student bloggers and photographers will be updating this page daily with ILW news, and some firsthand accounts of the awesome of events available.

Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

If it is, please get in touch – follow us, Tweet us, what have you – @InnovLearning #ILW2013

This is where you’ll find the fresh-squeezed ILW juice. Welcome, and enjoy!

P.S. Some cool things that we find innovative:

Musical Dots

Tom Hanks, Eat Your Heart Out

Prisoners Do Gangnam

Dance your PhD

Really Fun Rubbish

And this one’s just really funny.


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