The Desert Island Book Project


You’re stranded on a tropical desert island. You’ve no Wilson, you’ve no Swiss Family Robinson, you’ve no Kiera Knightley. You’re all alone. Now, what one book would alleviate your loneliness and suffering? This book is your desert island book.

This year for Innovative Learning Week, the Centre of Research and Collections at the Main Library will be asking you to pick your book! They’ll be displaying some of the selections in the Main Library during ILW, but want to hear from staff, students and alumni/recent graduates with their choices to be added to the University-wide blog on the subject!

If you are interested in this project, please send 50-100 word about why you’ve made your choice to ilw[at] Please include your job title / (former) course of study, as these will be posted alongside your book.

Neat idea isn’t it? Even better, the School of Social and Political Sciences are also exploring this idea with their ‘Desert Island Monographs’ event. This event is open to all students (and staff) of the University, and more details can be found on the central ILW Calendar.

Get your thinking caps on!


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