Civil Engineering Self-Guided Tour

ImageThe good people at the School of Engineering have made it so that you can be your very own tour guide around Edinburgh. With resources designed by the academic staff in Engineering, you can pick up your own Civil Engineering guide to Edinburgh and explore the city you thought you already knew.

Perfect for people with packed schedules, lots on already, or those who have booked into week-long events for Innovative Learning Week ahead of time. Wander around this beautiful, historic city, and marvel at the many different examples of fantastic civil engineering that abound all over it.

To obtain a copy of the tour booklet please book through the Event Booking channel on MyEd. These can be collected from Monday 18th February, from the Engineering Teaching Organisation at King’s Buildings.


2 responses to “Civil Engineering Self-Guided Tour

  1. I’m a lecturer at Asian Studies, and I would like to use the booklet of “Civil Engineering Self-Guided Tour” for one of my UG translation course as their English-Japanese translation project (W7-W11) . Would it be possible for me to access a copy as soon as the booklet is available?

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