Anthropology in 100 Objects


Anthropology is the study of human kind, of human societies and cultures and their development. This year during Innovative Learning Week, the School of Social and Political Sciences will be asking what objects represent anthropology to you.

In a fantastic project, culminating in the exhibition ‘Anthropology in 100 Objects’, the Department of Anthropology and the Social Anthropology Society invite undergraduates, post-graduates and faculty members across the University of Edinburgh to submit objects, artefacts and things to a public exhibition. Students and staff are encouraged to come along and hear from expert guest speakers on the topic Material Culture and the Politics of Curating  with Guest Speakers:

Henriette Lidchi,  Keeper, Department of World Cultures, National Museum of Scotland

Lucy Bull,  National Museum of Scotland and the University of Edinburgh

Lotte Hoek,  Lecturer in Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh

Each submission will be photographed and added to an online gallery of exhibits.

To be a part of this brilliant project, submit an object to the exhibition. Contact Dr Jamie Cross jamie.cross[at] or Tabby Gould soc.anth.soc[at]

All contributors are welcome, which means that there are no wrong submissions, nothing too weird, too wacky. Be fearless, and get involved.

Even better, the objects will be displayed later on in the week in the Community Café on the ground floor of the Chrystal Macmillan Building. There will be a grand unveiling on Thursday 21st at 1.00pm.  All are welcome. More details:


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