By the pricking of my thumb, something wonderful this way comes…

ImageAs part of Innovative Learning Week, the English Literature Department is opening the floor to some of its very gifted students. Literature in the City of Words is a student-led conference, and it looks set to be a remarkable event, with students receiving the chance to write and present their own papers with help from their academic mentors.

Speakers will be writing and delivering creative and academic papers; discussing public engagement, the University of Edinburgh, and English Literature; finding out what alumni, recent graduates and final year students have done with a Literature degree; and discussing the University and useful information and feedback. What’s more, an English Literature graduate from the University of Edinburgh who went on to become the head of MI5 will be delivering the keynote speech. That’s M from James Bond, to those of you who need to fully realise how cool that is.

All students and staff welcome! Monday of Innovative Learning Week, 18th February, to be held in Teviot! Check out for more details. Tweet @InnovLearning #ILW2013


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