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bad science

Remember in Outbreak when the wonderful Dustin Hoffman created an antidote to the complex, fictional (and frankly disgusting) Motaba virus in about six minutes?

Remember when Tony Stark created a brand spanking new element in his garage? Just.  Like. That.

Remember when Q made James Bond’s car invisible? With mirrors? Mirrors, people?!

Don’t get me wrong. Iron Man has some mad skills. James Bond has done some pretty amazing things in a career spanning 50 years, not least surviving with a job so dangerous. And no one loves and respects Dustin Hoffman more than me; I have watched Meet the Fockers way more times than is advisable, purely for his goofy and delightful performance. But enough is enough! Why can’t I love film and science?

This year with Innovative Learning Week, NonFiSci and the School of Informatics you can right the wrongs of bad science by re-making your own movie with the science corrected! This fun, fantastic event is happening on Wednesday 20th February in InSpace. It is open to all students – undergraduate, postgraduate, science, arts – and staff too!

Make your own good science movie, and potentially win a prize! Alongside earning the deep gratitude of people everywhere for your tireless efforts against films like Armageddon – which, by the way, is used by NASA to train potential managers. Employees are asked if they can find all 168 inaccuracies. True story.

To book your place on this event (and you should do so now, places are limited) see:

Tell your friends, and together you can crusade against bad science everywhere!!


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