Philosophy on a cloudy afternoon – Alexandra Melicher


Photo by Pushpi Bagchi

This two hour, peaceful and informative tour of the philosophical highlights of Edinburgh city centre, of which there are many, was an absolutely lovely way to spend a cloudy afternoon. The event was organised by the school of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences and presented by Andrew Mason, having had a warm reception last year.

Indeed one student had come due to hearing positive feedback and this year’s walk seemed to attract a large number of students from differing disciplines. The walk started at Old College which hosted the first meeting of the Philosophical Society and ended at the Calton Hill burial ground to visit the final resting place of David Hume. After this the group got rather dispersed on a busy evening Princes Street.

Hugely informative about the lives of figures such as Adam Ferguson, Adam Smith, Dugald Steward and David Hume to name just a few, Mr Mason was enthusiastic, energetic and kept the attention of the crowd easily throughout the tour. Visiting statues on the royal mile, the site of Ranken’s Tavern in Hunter Square and down to St John street, prior home of James Burnett, I feel many more events should be physically engaging as well as mentally. One student described it as a ‘rare opportunity’ to see some of the highlights of the city and ‘appealing to the philosophical and non-philosophical’. I would wholeheartedly agree and recommend anyone interested in hearing about some of the most influential figures of 18th century Edinburgh to secure a place next year.

Alexandra Melicher- Social Anthropology


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