Virtual Shop workshop – Sam Bradley

Ever thought of starting your own business? This event, hosted by the Business School for Innovative Learning Week, gave students the opportunity to learn about the practical ins-and-outs of managing an online shop or boutique.The event included an in-depth lecture on the various issues associated with e-commerce and online businesses: the take-up of online shopping across the world, the practicalities of running an internet business from your own home, and the advantages for consumers of e-commerce.

Whilst the session would have been helpful to anyone with an interest in modern start-ups or becoming a sole trader, it was also fascinating for beginners to the subject, as the event was aimed at all levels of knowledge.

As well as a talk about e-commerce, the Virtual Shop workshop included a full tutorial on setting up an online boutique using popular server hosting software like XAMPP and PrestoShop. Turning what would ordinarily be an imposing set of tasks into an interesting lesson, we gained invaluable knowledge about how to practically manage all aspects of an online business – aspects like setting up payment systems or delivery options in a manner useful for customers.

Virtual Shop provided a good learning environment for those interested in the possibilities of starting up an online business, whilst also catering to those with a little more knowledge. As an introduction to the software, hardware and practical issues surrounding e-commerce, it was an educational and informative experience.


Sam Bradley


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