Social Media and Social Justice with Instagram – Elisabeth Peterson

This Innovative Learning Week, the School of Law truly exemplified modern innovation in an ancient discipline. The thought-provoking, two-day workshop “In(Justice)agram” introduced a creative and accessible approach to an issue that is relevant to everyone: human justice. On Monday, participants in “In(Justice)agram” were given access to an Instagram account and encouraged to tweet, equipped with hash-tags and a new curiosity about what constituted the just and unjust around us.

The following Thursday, we engaged in a dialogue about the subsequent tweets and Instagram posts and created a virtual collage using MoodShare to ultimately better understand ourselves, our preconceptions and conceptions about justice, and our city. Images that were posted on the “ELSJusticeagram” Instagram account included graffiti, homeless military veterans, men washing dishes, and newspaper headlines including “Justice System Failing Victims”. These images certainly were “worth a thousand words”, as the discussion they sparked lasted for four hours!

This discussion broadened my previous understanding of the legal and philosophical confines of justice, in Scotland and in the world, as it spanned unwanted contact in Edinburgh nightclubs to the healthcare system in the U.S.A..

Upon compiling the collage, our hesitance to isolate the Instagram images to exclusive categories of justice such as “criminal justice” and “social justice” opened my eyes to how multi-dimensional the concept of justice was in itself. It also opened my eyes to the effectiveness of using technology to engage with law, as consistently demonstrated in the blog of the University’s Global Justice Academy. It would be unjust for the creative labors of this workshop to go unnoticed by the community, and I hope that #ILWjustice can continue to manifest itself in meaningful conversations, in and beyond the School of Law.

Photos from this ILW event can be seen here

Global Justice Academy Blog



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