BBC Radio 4 Quiz Show – Rebecca Pfister

Radio 4 Quiz: The 3rd DegreePhoto by Juliette Behr

On Friday evening staff, students and members of the public took part as the audience of the BBC Show the 3rd degree – supporting their friends and colleagues who were testing their knowledge and competed in an exciting episode of the popular show.

The 3rd degree radio series which is in its third season now, and hosted by the personable comedian Steve Punt, proved to be an entertaining and informative event as academics, also called ‘Dons’, and undergraduate students competed against each other.

The six conestants were Madhu, a Biological Science student, Katarina, a History of Art Student, and Caity, an International Relations student, against their professors Prof. David Arnot, Dr Devon McHugh and Dr Sean Molloy.

The challenge, which consists of 6 rounds – 3 specialist subject rounds, a general knowledge round, a list round and a ‘lowbrow, highbrow’ round – sparked laughter and cheering from the audience, as both sides showed off their knowledge.

The last round was the highlight of the event, as Dr Devon was, to her horror, asked to name three X-Factor contestants and Katarina, an ace in International Relations, having to guess an English nursery rhyme.

Together with jokes from the host and the sometimes comical answers of the contestants, the evening turned out to be a fun, knowledge-filled event, with laughter and cheering from the audience.

As expected however, the ‘Dons’ knowledge turned out to be superior, winning the challenge by 36 to 28.

The show ended with a happy audience, who besides watching the show were able to observe how a radio show is set up and the seemingly satisfied contestants, who had all made an excellent effort to win.

The third series of the 3rd degree airs on BBC’s Radio 4 this spring.


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