David Hume Cup – Rebecca Pfister

David Hume Cup DebateThe participants Gilles-frederic Fivaz (Left), William McCoy (Middle), Philip Puffy (Right). Photo by: Chen ZONG

On Friday three David Hume cup contestants gathered in the David Hume tower to debate the Independence of Scotland organised by the University of Edinburgh’s Economics Society and sponsored by Bloomberg.

Gilles-Frederick, Phillip and William – economics students at the University, and as noted by one of the judging panel member and Head of Economics Dr Simon Clarke, all possessing the names of strong English kings, entered the debate well prepared and ready to argue and prove their knowledge. All three contestants were against Scotland’s Independence, providing different arguments to prove their point. The stability and financial downsides of a break with England were the points which were discussed most.

There were several stages in the event, the first being the contestants presenting their arguments and ideas through a power point presentation highlighting and exploring issues they found most important when arguing their point of view.

This was followed by a short break, after which the judging panel asked the contestants various questions, testing the contestant’s knowledge on Scottish economy and how independence might affect the country.  Interestingly enough, all three contestants acknowledged that Scottish independence might have positive sides to it, but that generally it would affect the country and its economy negatively.

The debate provided the audience with interesting viewpoints and extensively researched arguments against independence, with the final stage of the contest being questions from the audience which every contestant tried to answer as best as they could.

There was a five minute break while the judges deliberated, only to return to announce the winner which turned out to be the American International Relations with Law student William McCoy.

Applauded by the audience and congratulated by his adversaries William received the cup, and engraved trophy, ending a passionate debate with a happy winner, proud smiles and acknowledgements.


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