Edit Assemble Exhibition – Samuel Wilson

Edit Assemble ExhibitionCurated by Rima Qvale and Susanne Ramsenthaler. Student work by Anna Gibson, Magdalena Banuelos, Mark Long and Allie Schenker. Photograph by Pushpi Bagchi.

For my final assignment of Innovative Learning Week I made my way to the Edinburgh College of Art for their ‘Edit Assemble’ Exhibition. I will stress early on that I am not an ‘art person’. In fact, were it not for ILW, I would most likely have never stepped inside the ECA in my life. This in itself is something to be thankful for; the ECA building is magnificent – a wonderful mix of aged grandeur and modern creativity. Amongst the tall corridors and arches one stumbles across superb ancient sculptures one minute, then a mind-bending piece of modern art the next.The exhibition was set up in the back of the building and, I will admit, took some finding. When I eventually did find it, first impressions were largely underwhelming. I was standing alone in a sunlit room, completely empty other than a dozen or so black and white photographs pinned unceremoniously to the walls. Half-expecting somebody to creep up behind me Midsomer Murders style, I began to inspect the photos more carefully.

It was only when studying the pieces very intently that the true nature of the exhibition shone through. At first glance the photos were merely photos of everyday objects and scenes – a wood, some boots etc. However, a closer look revealed – as the name of the exhibition would suggest – that each of the photos had been cleverly edited to make them remarkable in some way. The artists had cleverly and subtly edited in colour, contrast and even other, completely unrelated objects to their shots.

Samuel Wilson (History)


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