How ILW Planning is Going: School of Law

OLD COLLEGE 6-MWe here in the School of Law are excited about ILW! Planning for the week has been happening since the end of ILW2013 and we can’t wait to reveal our programme to students and colleagues alike.  Among our offerings this year are many multidisciplinary events giving our students the chance to work with, among others, The Business School, ECA, Student Societies and even a rival law school!

We’ve listened to student and staff feedback from the last two years and have fed that into every stage of the design of ILW2014. You wanted fewer events?  Done!  You wanted chances to get creative?  Consider yourselves invited.  You wanted to create communities of learners? We’ll give you that chance.

Our students also wanted to work with their fellow students for longer periods of time – perhaps over a few days – and so we have designed two huge headline events which allow this sustained teamwork to take place.  These major events also allow interaction with the local community and, most importantly of all, they are designed to be fun!

Our events will give students opportunities to:

  • Work with members of the local community;
  • Work with students in other disciplines;
  • Get creative and think outside the box;
  • Work on essential legal skills;
  • Find out about some of the varied careers available with a law degree;
  • Work with staff;
  • Get to know the Law School community a little better and
  • Have FUN!

We plan to launch details of our programme to staff and students very soon and in doing so, create some excitement around the week.  ILW2014 – BRING IT ON!

Lindsay Jack is the ILW Coordinator for the School of Law, among many other things!


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