The Museum of Everything, by Christina Neuwirth

Photos by Maeve O’Dwyer.
A bright room in 20-22 Chambers Street, Monday morning. Dr Carold Richardson and Prof Richard Williams warmly usher me to a table covered in brown paper. On it, a feast of crayons, pencils, broad felt-tip pens, the smooth black biros, scissors and glue sticks await my eager hands. And some 8” by 5” file cards. “Make one!” I am told.

The Museum of Everything is the name of the installation. Entering the room, I see objects and text covering a small portion of the walls, all stuck to, drawn or written on file cards.

The large Hadron Collider has found a space near a bag of English Breakfast Tea, a take-away coffee cup sits next to a drawing of a Milchkaffeeschale. I rummage through my bag, pulling out ticket stubs and the like to add to the museum; small items that remind me of something, but can change their meaning completely when put into a new context and displayed as objects in a museum.

After a little bit of folding, drawing, sticking and pinning, we find our seats and Prof Richard Williams gives a brief, insightful talk on the background of the project (which you can hear again at 1pm on Wednesday 19 February). He discusses the architectural, social, political and financial expectations a museum has to fulfill before it can even think about curating its collection, something that I haven’t thought about before. Then he explains the idea of a cabinet of curiosities, and suggests that density and proximity is important for how we view objects. I look around, and agree.

The museum is interactive, and it needs contributions. It’s open all week, so I urge you to pop in, take a look, and add thoughts and objects to the collection. Open to all staff and students.

Panel Discussion: Friday 21 February, 1pm
IMG_7393Blogger Christina gets involved with the installation.


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