Maths and Magic Cabaret Night, by Mogran Reilly

IMG_0564Photos by Joshua Graf.

Innovative Learning Week is fun. It is 5 days jam packed with events, talks and workshops. However, Wednesday evening’s Maths and Magic Cabaret it proved that there is still plenty of hard work involved.

Maths and Magic Cabaret was not simply a talented magician who wowed the audience with his mind tricks and card games and then left leaving them to wonder how it was performed and how can they be in on the magic. It was, of course, Innovative Learning Week so after the trick was performed the audience spent time working trying to work it out for themselves. There was two decks on every table and we spent a lot of time in groups trying perform the tricks ourselves.

IMG_0477Maths was at the foundation of all the tricks but, thankfully, this did not mean we were doing complex equations or trigonometry. The maths involved used clever, and often simple, patterns of arithmetic and numbers to make the trick happen. It definitely got our brains ticking but with some mathematical guidance from the magicians assistants (every other week of the year, they are known as lectures) most of secrets were revealed to us.

IMG_0488Apparently, a magician’s secrets are top information so I cannot share with you all my new card trick talents however, one tip is that to work out the magic (or the maths) you can often work watch the trick closely and try working it out backwards with your own pack of cards. If, like me, you still can’t work out the answers for yourself, you’ll might have to wait to next years event to unpack the maths in the magic.



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