Colour Mapping, by Morgan Reilly

IMG_0360Photos by Joshua Graf.

Innovative Learning Week is the opportunity to explore your interests out with the textbooks. It is a much more hands on approach to learning and allows you to be directly involved with how things work, what people have to say and what your perspective is on that chosen subject. Just sometimes, even the best of us need to get out of the library, and learn in an alternative fashion. This week, Edinburgh College of Art showed us exactly how good they could be at learning innovatively.

The Colour Mapping event showed a group of students going out into the streets of Edinburgh and thinking about their city in a way they hadn’t before – through colour. Edinburgh is known to be a city of duplicity, from the literature of the city to the physical space, it is often defined in oppositions. This was portrayed through the colour charts of the students involved. The city space was defined in two parts – New Town and Old Town. Old Town was represented by dark and subtle colours however, despite New Town having similarities there were occasional sporadic shades of bright colour that were absent from Old Town’s colouring.

IMG_0383Perhaps more interestingly, and in keeping with the meaning of Innovative Learning Week, everyone who took part had slightly different outcomes as to how they interpreted the colouring of Edinburgh. The event highlighted that through different styles of learning people can use imagination and innovation to create abstract but interesting perspectives on the ordinary. Everyday people of Edinburgh see their city as the one with the castle or the meadows, Princess Gardens or the Royal Mile but this week, Edinburgh was saw in colour.IMG_0361


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