Charity Shop: A Sustainable Wardrobe, by Ruth Thomson

Having been at Edinburgh University for 3 years – today was the day when I made my first journey to the mysterious Kings Buildings, for none other than a lesson in how to master charity shop shopping. Our speaker certainly knew his field, as he illustrated through his outfit; he was head to toe in charity shop tailoring (minus underwear and shoes), including a jacket for which he paid £6, which could be bought new for £600.

After looking into the benefits of charity shopping compared to buying new, we were walked through the art of it, and given insight into the tricks of the trade – it would be unfair to give away too much here but some included:

1) Stay away from shops near the student areas

2) Always always always buy vicuña if you come across it (you can sell it on eBay and retire)

3) Check how the patterns of a shirt match up to tell if it is good quality.

With my new wealth of knowledge on how get all the steals and deals at the charity shops, while looking like I spend so much more on my clothes then I do, plus helping the planet while I’m at it – I think I’ve got my weekend plans sorted! 


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