Geography Course Speed Dating, by Vicki Ponce

Geography speed dating – not something you’d think would be likely to turn up on a list of ‘how to learn innovatively’! But the GeogSoc event today definitely proved itself up to the challenge!

The event kicked off at 1pm and lasted two hours. With free pizza as an extra incentive, loads of students made their way to the Geography building bursting with questions about other students’ experiences in the department so far, and looking for advice about upcoming optional courses, fieldtrips, coursework loads, and dissertation topics.

We had some really enthusiastic students come from all years to talk about their future academic career – even the fourth years (including me) got the chance to speak to postgraduate students doing Masters and PhDs.

All in all it was a great success, and the sun streaming through the windows, mingling with the smell of freshly baked pizza, created a really relaxed and informal atmosphere, where everyone felt at ease to voice any doubts or ideas they had about Geography. The event provided everyone with a space for questions and answers, or maybe just room to think and discuss Geography, outside a strictly academic context.

It also provided the older students with a space for self-reflection; what it has meant to be an undergraduate Geography student over the last few years! It was definitely a great success and an excellent way to learn, innovatively.


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