Rona Munro: a conversation and reading, by Morgan Reilly

IMG_1095Photos by Joshua Graf.

Scottish playwright, Rona Munro, has more than an arms length of published plays, and from her workshop on Friday 21st February she gives the impression that she has many more coming our way in future.

Munro was at the University of Edinburgh to give a workshop on playwriting so it was not surprising that the room was filled with students doing a Masters in that subject. However, as we all sat around a table listening to her tell the story of how she works and why she works, Munro could have been an inspiration for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in writing or, well, anything really. She portrayed a great sense of determination but was also charming, witty and intelligent. The workshop took the form of an uplifting talk with someone who had achieved her playwright status after simply deciding that she was going to be a playwright.

IMG_1157History plays are Munro’s current projects. Yet, I was happy to learn that history are much more than the stories on an English Monarch – which is what normally comes to my mind. Munro expressed the importance of capturing invisible voices from the past and making them heard now. There is something special about history and how it can alter our perception of our current environment. Through the art of plays, history can be retold or discovered if lost. Plays can be interpreted through new eyes and Munro conveyed how she manages to do this and the importance of doing this for her. Rona Munro made me want to be a playwright, and I think that alone made her workshop a successful one.


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