Meet the ILW 2015 Team – Calum


Name: Calum Mackie

Studying: English Literature

Involvement in ILW: I am one in a team of five student ambassadors who aim to raise awareness of ILW and help in the promotion and running of the week itself.

Fave thing about ILW: I like that ILW brings together a wide variety of staff and students who would not usually get to work together. Also, for an English Lit. student, having the chance to learn in a way that is not simply just reading a text and then discussing and analysing it is great.

What you’re looking forward to most: I am looking forward to engaging with students and staff to encourage them to attend some ILW events because from what I have seen so far, the range of events is impressive!

Fun / most unusual / weirdest fact about yourself: I often get mistaken for Sam Aston who plays Chesney Brown in Coronation Street, and this happened even more frequently when I was younger – so much so in fact that my brothers nicknamed me ‘Chez’ and still call me that to this day. Tragic!


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