Meet the ILW 2015 Team – Maeve

Academia photo

Name: Maeve O’Dwyer

Studying: PhD in History of Art

Involvement in ILW: I have been involved with Innovative Learning Week for two years, as part of the Student Team. Our job is to help students make the most of the exciting opportunity that is ILW, whether that be through helping them to run their own events, or keeping them informed about events they would enjoy.

Fave thing about ILW: ILW is a festival of creative learning which is aimed at improving the student experience at the University of Edinburgh, and I really admire the University’s commitment to the students they have already enrolled. In the future, I’d like to be part of a University with a similar focus on thinking about the different ways in which people learn, and especially how one special event can bring the material from your lectures to life.

What you’re looking forward to most: I’m looking forward to seeing people enjoying themselves at ILW events and realising how much fun they can be.

Fun / most unusual / weirdest fact about yourself: My favourite colour is purple.


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