Meet the ILW 2015 Team – Pippa


Name: Pippa! Yes, like Pippa Middleton. Fewer paparazzi shots of my outfits make headline news, despite my best efforts.

Studying: History and History of Art

Involvement in ILW: You may have already seen me hurtling around campus (picture Road Runner on one too many espressos), handing out flyers, or popping into your lectures to let you know all about Innovative Learning Week. I’ll be doing some more of that next term, so please come say hello!

Fave thing about ILW: I’m a big lover of mysteries, so my inner Sherlock Holmes gets all excited by the chance to peer into corners of the university usually hidden from view. I’m hoping to get a chance to explore some of the marvellous things in the Special Collections up on the sixth floor of the university library…

What you’re looking forward to most: Right now I can’t wait to get my hands on the brochure, which is going to be packed full of the staggering range of events which students and staff have come up with. But I also hear rumour of a special event taking place at the end of Innovative Learning week…more to come, so keep your ears peeled!

Fun / most unusual / weirdest fact about yourself: I’m a dab hand with a paintbrush (canvases…not walls…do not invite me to paint your kitchen if you value your décor. Or your life.)


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