Meet the ILW 2015 Team – Johanna Holtan


Name: Johanna Holtan, Strategic Projects with the Institute for Academic Development

Involvement in ILW: I curate the festival so my role is to oversee the whole show from helping shape the vision to the daily operations such as supporting the team and liaising closely with School Coordinators.

I just started working on ILW a few months back, but am one of the founders of TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh so I’ve been quite involved in the past.

Fave thing about ILW: It’s a great opportunity to experiment and find interesting ways to collaborate with people across the University and in the community.  There are innovative activities happening all year – this is just a snapshot!

What you’re looking forward to most: We have been so busy preparing that I’m really looking forward to just enjoying all the different events.  I can’t wait until the ILW 2015 Fair on the Friday and see all the creations people bring!

Fun / most unusual / weirdest fact about yourself: In addition to working at Edinburgh University, I am also one of the Co-Founders of CycleHack – a global movement to make our cities cycle friendly. Last year at CycleHack, a team of us invented Penny in Yo’ Pants – which makes any skirt bikeable using a penny and a rubber band. Our short film went viral this past summer with 3.3 million views!

Penny In Yo Pants from Penny in Yo’ Pants on Vimeo.


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