Meet Some Event Organisers – Kerry Gilsenan

ILW Picture

Name: Kerry Gilsenan

Studying: History

Involvement in ILW: As Deputy Editor of Retrospect, I am co-ordinating Retrospect‘s 24-hour magazine event, ‘Collaborate’ alongside the Careers Consultant for History, Classics and Archaeology, Craig Phillips, and a wonderful team of media enthusiasts.

Fave thing about ILW: For me, ILW has been a brilliant and challenging opportunity to draw together all I have learnt about working in the media since writing my first review for Retrospect in the autumn of 2012. The concept allows us to a deliver a student-led, informative session on multiple aspects of the media, from writing, editing and designing to using social media effectively and obtaining valuable work experience. We are also able to branch out from our usual History, Classics and Archaeology content for ILW issue, incorporating some HCA articles from a local prize-winning schools competition alongside the work of students and staff from a variety of other schools within the university.

What you’re looking forward to most: I am both most excited and terrified of sustaining the project over the 24-hour period, and am currently coming up with “innovative” ways to increase morale in the dark editing hours of Tuesday morning. Onesies, coffee and the occasional dance break seem only natural.

Fun/ most unusual/ weirdest fact about yourself: Aside from my writing and editing habits, my collection of instruments keeps me occupied, and I can often be found in my room on a Friday night pretending to be a folk artist with a ukulele or guitar in hand – no doubt a delight to live with, I’m sure.


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