ILW 2015 Sneak Peak: Scottish-Themed Events


There are a wide range of events running during Innovative Learning Week that have Scotland as a central theme. For staff and students alike; Scottish, those from the rest of the UK and further afield, this is a great chance to learn more about Scotland’s culture and history and maybe even get out of the city for the day and see another part of the country! So here’s a selection of some of the stuff you can get involved in!

Day Trips to Stirling Castle, Bannockburn and Fife:

On the Thursday of ILW the School of History, Classics and Archaeology is organising a trip to this Scottish landmark and the site of one of the most famous events in her history. Unfortunately, as places are limited, this event is only open to HCA students and Archsoc members. However for those eligible the good news is it costs only £6 to book your place and enjoy a day out in this picturesque and evocative part of Scotland’s past. Oh and remember to bring your lunch!

Run on the Friday and also organised by the School of History, Classics and Archaeology, is Medieval Fife-Coach Trip. The full day event will take you all around some of the oldest historical sites in the country such as Dunfermline Abbey and Aberdour Castle. Again, as space is limited, only those part of the HCA are eligible for this event. And remember that lunch!

The Scotland and Slavery Project; a lecture by Sir Tom Devine:

Those at the university, and many more, will be familiar with the world-renowned, and past lecturer at the university, Sir Tom Devine. What Sir Tom doesn’t know about Scottish history isn’t worth knowing! And so on the Wednesday afternoon at 2pm in the Meadows Lecture Theatre there will be a free lecture followed by a Q and A on Scotland’s widespread involvement in slavery. The extent of which is only now being recognised.

Like a Ceilidh?:

Anyone that has been to a ceilidh will tell you how fun they are, and how tiring they are too! So with this in mind there are two great events worth checking out.

The first, running on the Thursday and the Friday, is Science Ceilidh and Workshops. Aimed at those with a background or interest in Neuroscience, or any related discipline, and folk music and dances. The goal is to get creative about their research and they need people to help compose music and dances that can be related to the field and will used at the Brainwaves Science Ceilidh at Summerhall on 17th April, an event which sold out last year!

Whether you’re a student studying to become a teacher, or indeed are a teacher already, and if you’re looking for an innovative way to make children’s learning experiences more memorable then this might be ideal for you! Jigs and Reels with the RSSCD, the Royal Society for Scottish Country Dancing, is free to book and is a good opportunity to create a unique experience for yourself and those in ypour classroom!

As previously stated, we all know how tiring a ceildih is! Which means it’s a great way to keep fit! So on Friday afternoon if you’re looking to blow away the cobwebs why not attend Dance Health and Fitness: Ceilidh dance workshop with a difference. It’s free to attend and if you enjoy dancing to keep fit then this will be the ideal event for you!

 Edinburgh Walking Tours:

We all know Edinburgh is a beautiful city to explore, and if you’d like to learn something new about the city’s history then one of these events might appeal!

The first event, open to all UG and PG students and staff at the Law School is entitled Edinburgh, Legal Education and the Scottish Enlightenment. On this tour you can join Prof. John Cairns and learn more about Edinburgh’s links with the Scottish Enlightenment. A period when Scotland led the way in intellectual thought.

The second event sticks with the theme of the Scottish Enlightenment! Open to all at the university, the Walking Tour of Philosophical Landmarks hands you have the opportunity to take part in this two hour walking tour and learn about some of those figures who made up part of Scotland’s contribution to the modern world such as David Hume, Adam Smith and Dugald Stewart!

Whit like? An introduction to learning the Scots language

For such a small country Scotland has a diverse range of dialects. If you’d like to learn some more about one of the most prominent ones spoken in the lowlands of the country then why not come along to Whit Like?. It’s a two day event running on the Thursday and Friday and participants are advised to attend both days and book in advance! For those not from here it’s a good opportunity to learn what us Scots are saying most of the time!


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