ILW 2015 Sneak Peak: Storytelling Events


With so many different events running during Innovative Learning Week you might think it could be difficult to find the time to go through everything and and find something that interests you. With that in mind, here’s a handy wee article about the events we have regarding the theme of storytelling, because there are a few!

Telling the Anne Frank Story:

The story of Anne Frank is known around the world and this event will give you the opportunity to tell her story. Run in conjunction with the Anne Frank Trust ( participants will receive training to become storytellers and work with young people with the aim of challenging prejudice and reducing hatred. This is an exciting opportunity, especially for those interested in working with young people, but bear in mind the topics being dealt with could be difficult for some. The event is open to all at the university but those interested in participating must be available to attend two all-day workshops for training, on the Monday and Tuesday and at a mutually agreed later date in the semerster so as to take part in the storytelling sessions.

Elementary my dear detective! An interactive storytelling event:

Ideal for anybody who’s a fan of the works of university old boy Arthur Conan Doyle, Benedict Cumberbatch or if you enjoy solving mysteries and puzzles! Taking place on Tuesday afternoon, free to join and open to anyone at the university you will be taught how to use inductive reasoning before solving a real murder case!

Visual Storytelling for Academic Learning:

If you’re looking for an innovative way to showcase your research then this could be the ideal event for you. Running on Wednesday and Thursday and open to all students at the university, this two-day workshop will give you the chance to learn skills in documentary storytelling, how to use narrative structure to it’s fullest impact and how these relate to acdemic scholarship.

“Tell us a story!” Storytelling techniques for teachers and presenters:

The pain of giving presentations are something which we will all probably have to go through at the university so any opportunity to improve presentation skills can never be a bad thing! With this in mind this event, for students and staff at the School of Divinity, presents you with the chance to connect with your audience through the use of stories and storytelling.

LLC Blethers: An Evening of Academic Storytelling:

Interested in hearing about what it’s like to be an academic and gain some valuable tips in a six minute blast at at time whilst enjoying a pint (not compulsory!)? Then this is probably the event for you. Open to everybody at the university and held at the Counthing House on the Thursday evening. Oh and you also get the chance to win some prizes, scoff some food and have a dance (again not compulsory!).


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