ILW 2015 Sneak Peak: Career Themed Events


For the majority of us, university will be a valuable stepping stone before we enter the real world (scary!) and find a career that will interest us. With this in mind let’s take a look at events that are aimed at careers and how to give yourself an opportunity to get in front of the opposition!

Mock Interviews with Law Firms:

An event for any students at the School of Law, this event on the Monday will place you in mock interviews with some of Scotland’s and Englands leading law firms. This is a great way to prepare yourself for the real thing and gain valuable feedback at the same time. Please note, any students who register are asked to a short (only 200 words) biographical statement.

Collaborate: 24-hour magazine:

Anybody who is interested in a career in, or has an interest in, the publication, media or communications world should take a look at this event. Open to everybody at the university and set over a 24 hour period (don’t worry you don’t have to work for 24 hours!) you will have the opportunity to contribute to the publication of Retrospect, the History, Classics and Archaeloogy student journal. This will give you great experience and a feel for what it’s like in, what can be, a fast-paced, intense environment.

Life After IMES: Crafting Your Future:

If you’re like me, you entered uni without a clear idea of what you want to do afterwards. And, again if you’re like me! You still might not be 100 per cent sure. Of course that’s not necessarilly a bad thing so don’t worry about it. For those still not sure and are doing a degree in the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures this event on Monday afternoon will hopefully give you some ideas.

TEAMBUILD- The Construction Challenge:

There are a vast array of opportunities for working within the construction industry and this event will give you an experience of many of them as well as being a valuable networking tool. This event is open to all students at the university, run in conjunction with Heriot-Watt University and supported by several institutions within the construction industry. Over a two-day period you will be part of a multi-disciplinary team and given certain tasks to complete that relate to a real Historic Edinburgh site. Basic refreshments will be provided and the winning team will get a cash prize, what’s not to love about that?! Students are also strongly recommended to attend the first day where there will be a site visit. So wear warm and sensible clothing (it is Scotland after all!).

Careers in Translation 1: Meet the Translators:

Open to all students, this event will be of particular interest to those who are perhaps looking for a career in translating post-university. On Tuesday morning you will have the opportunity to pick the brains of past Edinburgh students who now work in the interpretor, translation field.

Careers in Translation 2: Translating for the EU:

If you are hoping for a career in the European Union then this event is not to be missed. On Tuesday afternoon Dr. Angeliki Petrits, Language Officer (European Commission Representation in the UK) will speak and outline the challenges presented by working within the multi-lingual union but also describe the opportunities presented and give an insight into the apllication process.

Practice Interview:

Interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience and with that in mind this event for GeoSciences students. Run on Wednesday morning and early afternoon you will meet a panel of former graduates, predict what questions may crop up and answer the difficult ones! This will be done by a variety of techniques such as watching practice interviews or take part as an applicant. Oh and if you register beforehand then lunch will be provided!

Japanese Studies Campus Festival-Career Talk:

Open to everyone this event will give you an opportunity to learn more about working in Japan after university. An experience many graduates from the UK take post-univeristy.

Using social media for career research and networking:

These days social media sites, such as LinkedIn can be vital tools to capitalise on career opportunities. This event on Thursday afternoon run jointly by the Careers Service and the centre for Academic Development will give you an opportunity how to use these platforms to their full effect.

Maths Careers: Where will your degree take you?:

Open to all Mathematics and CSE students this event will give you the opportunity to engage with graduates from the university to discover what opportunities await you. There will also be a reception afterwards!

Police Scotland: An Insight!:

An exciting opportunity for many after graduating is a career with the police. If this is something that interests you then come along to this event on Friday afternoon a guest speaker from Police Scotland will be in attendance. This event will provide an insight into what a career with the police entails and guide you through the application process. Understandably Police Scotland want to recruit the very best and as a graduate from a prestigous university such as ours this puts you in good stead.


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