10 DAYS TO GO! And 10 Arts & Crafts Events


With just ten days until Innovative Learning Week official starts, here’s a run-down of ten events to bring your inner creative spirit out!

Capturing a sustainable world through visual art

Incorporating a wide range of visual expression, such as photographs, paintings, sculpture or video, you will have the opportunity to showcase what you believe a sustainable world should look like – inspiration should not be hard to find in a city such as Edinburgh! An exhibition of works produced will be showcased in the Business School for the duration of Innovative Learning Week, with the opportunity to win a prize.


The Art and Craft of Problem Solving

Ever tried combining arts and crafts with problem solving? No? Well fear not, on Monday you have the opportunity to expel your creativity and imagination to solve problems! During a very interactive workshop, you’ll improve your problems solving skills (highly valuable!) while at the same time having great fun. Refreshments will be provided!


 Nothing New Under the Sun: An Interdisciplinary Masterclass in the Arts

Over the duration of the week, Jonathan Mills (former director the Edinburgh International Festival), will be constructing immersive installations inspired by music, literature, and the visual arts. Although a week long workshop, you are able to attend either sessions (10:00 – 18:00 or 18:00 – 19:00) on any day. This event will no doubt bring out your inner creative spirit producing works you never previously though you could – expect to build, compose, read and write!


Openstudio: Creative Collaboration Workshops

Exploring the theme of ‘evolution’, a series of creative workshops will get you inspired as you build an exhibition from the ground up. Utilising a range of media such as sounds, moving image, 2D mark-making and 3D building you are bound to learn a lot from this event and maybe even discover a new hobby! All materials and mentoring will be provided.

For more information please visit: openstudio.folkstudio.co.uk


 Make Your Own Pots!

Imagine yourself in Ancient Rome, travelling down a cobbled road overwhelmed with bustling crowds and market traders. What you do see all around you? That’s right, pots. Guess you never thought about how they were made though? Well…here’s your chance! Even if you’ve never thought of yourself as much of a potter before, this event is still for you. Learn about the manufacturing process and try your hand at producing some of your own!

(Please note: Priority given to students studying Classical Archaeology options)


Craftivism Workshop

For those who haven’t really stuck in with being creative before, here’s your perfect opportunity! Combing activism and craft, you’ll explore various different methods of expression. All equipment and materials will be provided so get stuck in!


Visualising Sustainable Development

Everyone has differing views on what it means to be sustainable, so what’s your opinion? Here, you’ll have the opportunity to share your views through artistic expression by submitting artwork which encapsulates a sustainable development concept. Submissions will be showcased and judged at the event – cash prizes of £150, £100 and £75 will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively!

Registration required here: http://bit.ly/1tM0Liv

City Stories: walk, talk, make

Through walking and exploring around Edinburgh, participants will be encouraged to create a collaborative response using images, words, music, food objects and/or performance ultimately becoming part of a citywide online exhibition. Kicking things off will be a lecture looking into how selected artists and writers have expressed the city previously. After this it will be your turn to be expressive and creative!


Horsing Around? Investigating the Art and Science of the Horse

Ever considered exploring the anatomy of a horse before? If not, here’s the perfect opportunity for your first time! By attending a professional sculpture led session, you’ll have the opportunity to create sculptural wire drawings using a live horse.



Interested in how design can be inspired by nature, then look no further than DESIGNspiration! This event explores the various designs nature has created around us, and looks into how these can be incorporated and inspirational to our own designs. A short presentation at the beginning will set the foundations for you to create a 3D computer drawing of your inspirations model!



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