9 DAYS TO GO! And 9 Hours at the Railway Preservation Society


Image taken from http://www.see.ed.ac.uk/drupal/node?page=3

9 hours at the Railway Preservation Society- 08.30-17.30 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

Interested in trains? Like the idea of helping to preserve some of Scotland’s heritage? Eager to get out of the city, or simply appreciate the chance to use new machinery? Why not sign up to relay full-sized railway track? Get a hands-on experience of railway construction and maintenance at Bo’ness with the Scottish Railway Preservation Society and the University of Edinburgh’s Innovative Learning Week. All you need to do is take the bus to Bo’ness, and find the right safety gear, some of which may be borrowed from the event organisers. This event gives priority to civil engineers but is open to all staff, students and alumni, and is running four times during ILW. It was extremely popular last year, so don’t miss out! Have a look at our online calendar to find out more.


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