8 DAYS TO GO! And 8 Unmissable Pieces of Theatre


All the world’s a stage, as Shakespeare said. This may not be strictly true. Exam invigilators prove disappointingly narrow-minded when you stand up and start reciting Hamlet at full volume, I’ve found. Innovative Learning Week is different! Whether you’re a budding actor, a director, a set-designer, or simply love to sit back and watch the red curtains draw back, whether you’re happiest backstage or front-stage, there’s something here for you. Here are my top eight picks from ILW’s theatrical delights:


An amazing opportunity to design and create all the different elements that make the world of theatre come alive: costumes, sets, props, masks, lighting…the world is your oyster.


I think we all know the nagging nerves that can take hold when forced to stand up in a room full of fellow students and orate. What better way to tackle your presentation skills than through a workshop led by a professional actor?


 Despite its darkly brooding title, the Brazilian playwright Augusto Boal’s vision was a profoundly hopeful one, in which theatre would shape radical social and political change. This workshop offers a chance to discover and explore his work.


The title of this play says it all! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll think, hopefully you’ll be brave and raise your ideas at the end.


Real people tell stories from their own lives: funny, heart-breaking, moving, all true.


Improv comedy and Sherlock Holmes: a marriage made in heaven.


A sweet tooth and a funny bone? This one is for you! “Freshly dislodged from the uterine wall of the Edinburgh Revue, a warrior, a poet and a lover bring you a sexy blend of high concept sketch comedy and boiled sugar. Prepare to be sucked into the unrelenting gravitational pull of the Planet Caramel.


If, like myself, you find yourself getting unexpected crushes on the most unlikely comedians, this is your chance! One lucky bachelorette will be chosen to go on a television game-show date with one of three eligible comedians. But is a happily-ever-after possible? The course of true love never did run smooth…


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