7 DAYS TO GO! And 7 Classes of Yoga


Yoga…it’s a beautiful thing. Is there a better way to energize yourself, focus your mind, improve your physical and mental wellbeing, decrease stress levels, build strength and flexibility, relax and enjoy all at once? I doubt it! In the middle of all the work and worries of the semester, taking some time to relax, reflect and reconnect mind and body is well worth it. Whether you’re a long-time yoga master or have never tried it before, get yourself along to this amazing all day yoga-thon in the Teviot Dining Room. Seven different styles are offered over seven sessions throughout the day, so there is something for all tastes and levels:

10:00: Kundalini Yoga with Maggie
11:00: Hatha Yoga with Helen O’Shea
12:00: Ashtanga Yoga with Emma
13:00: Yoga Meditation with Andrea
14:00: Vinyasa Flow with Helen Gillespie
15:00: Vinyasa Power Yoga with Evelyn
16:00: Iyengar Yoga with Mohsinah

Wow. Space is limited, so remember to R.S.V.P. and turn up early!



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