ILW 2015 – Not Just For Students!


Innovative Learning Week at the University of Edinburgh is rapidly approaching, and all over campus students are busy planning which of over 300 free and exciting events to attend. Don’t forget though- ILW is not just for students and staff! Many of the events are open to members of the public. Simply go to and under eligibility select events open to ‘externals’ – externals means members of the public. This will bring up a list of events available to you. Although you won’t be booking through MyEd, booking is still simple for externals- either email the contact at the address visible when the events are in a list, or see the event details for alternative methods of booking, such as through Eventbrite. You can also have a flick through our beautiful brochure, available in public buildings around campus. In the meantime, here’s a few ideas from Maeve, a member of our student team, on what events might interest you, whether you’re a techie or an art-lover. If you find yourself intrigued, visit our online calendar to read about the event in more detail and to book your space!

If you’re interested in developing your artistic side and have a bit of time to spare, why not sign up for Nothing New Under the Sun, a week-long project that will see you create your own immersive installation? Try your hand at forensic archaeology with Archaeology beyond the Living or peek behind the curtain at The Stories and Secrets of Collecting Contemporary Art. Think about how architecture can be inspired by the nature around us at DESIGNspiration, or win a prize by submitting art inspired by the idea of sustainability at Visualising Sustainable Development. Find out more about how sound influences your other senses at The Social Sounds Project 2.0 or explore the world of animal senses at Do you see what I see: An exploration of animal senses, an event that includes a live falconry display.

Why not take the opportunity to learn a new skill? Pick up tips on learning a new language with Beginners Spanish Through Mindfulness, or explore a new culture at the Japanese Studies Campus Festival. Have a go at ceilidh dancing inspired by science at The ILW Science Ceilidh or learn more about improvising music at An Improviser’s Workshop. Get in touch with your mathematical side at Sexy Statistics or embrace your inner feminist at the Wikipedia editathon: Women, Science and Scottish History, helping to balance the gender scales on Wikipedia. Have a bit of fun honing your deductive skills at Elementary my dear detective! An interactive storytelling event, or sit back and watch the mystery unfold at Fringe Abridged- Spontaneous Sherlock, an entirely improvised play with live musical accompaniment.

Concerned about the world today? Why not brainstorm some solutions at 8 Hours to Save the Planet, or if you have the time, spend ILW building your own rainwater harvester at Make your mark on the university: assemble your own rainwater harvester! Take a Crash Course in Creative Allotment Construction or learn more about the importance of pollination at Bees to Bugs. Consider how climate change will affect us directly at Biggest Threat or Greatest Opportunity? A Health Response to Climate Change. Maybe you’d like to take a more active role in today’s world but aren’t sure how to go about it. Why not attend the Amnesty International Activist Training or the Transformative Leadership Workshop by EUEA? Or try the Craftivism Workshop to combine craft and activism.

Perhaps you’d like to hear more about the great science happening at the University of Edinburgh. Why not measure the heat stratification of a church using helium balloons, sensors and a Raspberry Pi at The HeatHack Shrove Tuesday Balloon Trials? Challenge the students directly at Yes to Chess 2: Not just black and white and compete for a prize in the chess tournament. Consider how to get others interested at Teaching Content through Adventure Initiative Games, or find out more about the fourth dimension with a comedian at Matt Parker: Stand-Up Mathematician.

The University of Edinburgh is open to you during Innovative Learning Week so why not come along, get involved, learn a new skill and have a bit of fun? If any of the events above sparked your interest, sign up before someone takes your place! Have a look at these and even more events open to you on our online calendar and be sure to make the most of ILW this year.


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