6 DAYS TO GO! And 6 Thought-provoking Structural Engineering Self-Guided Tours of Edinburgh


These six different walks take you to different parts of Edinburgh, guided by a booklet that shows a photograph of each interesting structure, and poses a set of challenging questions about its form, purpose, construction, strength or other aspects.  It is not necessary to have a structural engineering education to do the tours, nor to be competent to do calculations.  The questions are often answerable in more than one way, and most participants will find that their eyes are opened to see other buildings, bridges and other structures in new ways.

The tours may be done at any time and no assistance is needed to find the structures, or to answer almost all the questions.

Those taking these tours are invited to submit their thoughts and answers to the questions to Prof. J. Michael Rotter to receive his thoughts on potential answers!

Once you have booked your place on these tours, you will be able to collect a copy of the tour booklet from a pick-up point in the Central Area or the King’s Buildings campus from Monday 16 February, and then take one or more tours at a time that suits you.

Open to all staff and all students.



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