ILW 2015 – Theatre Events


All the world’s a stage, as Shakespeare said. This may not be strictly true. Exam invigilators prove disappointingly narrow-minded when you stand up and start reciting Hamlet at full volume, I’ve found. Innovative Learning Week is different! Whether you’re a budding actor, a director, a set-designer, or simply love to sit back and watch the red curtains draw back, whether you’re happiest backstage or front-stage, there’s something here for you. Here are my top eight picks from ILW’s theatrical delights:

1. Theatrical Design and Construction: Workshop and Exhibition

An amazing opportunity to design and create all the different elements that make the world of theatre come alive: costumes, sets, props, masks, lighting…the world is your oyster.

2. Presentation skills through theatre – Release your Creative Spirit!

I think we all know the nagging nerves that can take hold when forced to stand up in a room full of fellow students and orate. What better way to tackle your presentation skills than through a workshop led by a professional actor?

3. Theatre of the Oppressed

Despite its darkly brooding title, the Brazilian playwright Augusto Boal’s vision was a profoundly hopeful one, in which theatre would shape radical social and political change. This workshop offers a chance to discover and explore his work.

4. Purple: A Theatre of Debate Session Based on a tragic magic romantic comic play of a gay couple

The title of this play says it all! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll think, hopefully you’ll be brave and raise your ideas at the end.

5. Fringe Abridged: Non-Fiction Live

Real people tell stories from their own lives: funny, heart-breaking, moving, all true.

6. Fringe Abridged: Spontaneous Sherlock

Improv comedy and Sherlock Holmes: a marriage made in heaven.

7. Fringe Abridged: Planet Caramel

A sweet tooth and a funny bone? This one is for you! “Freshly dislodged from the uterine wall of the Edinburgh Revue, a warrior, a poet and a lover bring you a sexy blend of high concept sketch comedy and boiled sugar. Prepare to be sucked into the unrelenting gravitational pull of the Planet Caramel.”

8. Fringe Abridged: F***ing Comedians

If, like myself, you find yourself getting unexpected crushes on the most unlikely comedians, this is your chance! One lucky bachelorette will be chosen to go on a television game-show date with one of three eligible comedians. But is a happily-ever-after possible? The course of true love never did run smooth…


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