4 DAYS TO GO! And 4 Creative Workshops


Wikipedia editathon: Women, Science and Scottish history – writing articles about people

Ever wondered who writes and edits Wikipedia? Think you’ve got some value to add to the world’s largest information directory? Then look no further than the Wikipedia editathon! Over a series of afternoons, focussed topics will let you undertake some wiki editing in a directed specific area; all with be based around women, science and Scottish history. This event is open to all and no prior experience is necessary!


Collaborate: 24-hour magazine

For those who haven’t heard of Retrospect, it’s a student journal through a collaboration of the History, Classics and Archaeology departments. The magazine will be running a 24-hour magazine event, bringing staff and students together to write creative articles throughout. To fulfil all your media, communication and writing aspirations the event will be located in the Hugh Robson Building, giving the fast-paced atmosphere of media offices.


Creative writing and legal essays: Pickaxes to break the mould

Now we all come across this common problem – writing a legal essay and finding the result a bit dull, right? Don’t worry, fortunately there’s a workshop on Monday 16th (first day of ILW) in which, drawn from methods used by fiction authors, you’ll be taught how to really create a fully characterised argument, resulting in strong, stand-out writing being produced.

This event is tailored to those studying Law, however all are welcome to attend!


Pop-up writing café

Ever fancied yourself as a bit of a creative writer? Think you’ve got a story everyone will love? Then join the IAD and School of Literature, Languages and Cultures at the Pop-up Writing Café! Hot drinks provided to get your brain thinking hard!



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