1 DAY TO GO! And 1 Bird of Prey


We Brits have a reputation as being a nation of animal lovers so why not take the opportunity this ILW to find out a bit more about the natural world with a series of trips, workshops and seminars!

Bees to Bugs:

Honey bees play a crucial role in the ecosystem and contributing to the growth of crops. On Tuesday morning you attend this session at King’s Buildings to learn about these creatures. Included is a hands-on session where you can examine intact and dissected bees and the event is open to everyone!


Animal minds and behaviour at the Edinburgh Zoo:

Edinburgh Zoo has a great reputation as a leader in the field of animal research. Some of it’s attractions include the world’s biggest penguin enclosurea dn, of course, the pandas! On Tuesday morning why not go on a trip to the zoo and find more about more about how much of the research is giving a no understanding of the behavious and primates and ourselves. There’s a small entry fee of £7.50 and the event is open to all students.


Visit to Roslin Institute:

The Roslin Institute is a world famous establishment most known for it being where Dolly the sheep was cloned. From 2pm to 4pm on Tuesday afternoon all students have a great opportunity to visit the site and find out more about the work that is carried out and even about possible job opportunities!


Do you see what I see: An exploration of animal senses:

This event will let you understand how other animals see the world and experience it yourself! The event is free and open-to-all and there will even be a display by a bird of prey at the end so you can see how these beautiful creatures hunt in the wild!



The natural world is filled with many weird and wonderful sites so why not look to it for inspiartion in design?! This event at ECA allows you to get hands-on in architectural design and will give you the opportunity to learn about 3D computer design.


‘The Ghosts in Our Machines’ film screening and talk: the compelling story of photography, journalism and our relationship with animals:

On Friday night you attend the documentary ‘Ghosts in Our Machines’ described by the Los Angeles Times as, “Haunting beauty…Ghosts is urging us to rethink our relationship with the animal population — what they owe us, what we owe them.”  . The screening is open to all and there will be a discussion afterwards with wildlife photgrapher Laurie Campbell, who, just last year, was awarded a lifteime achievement award by the RSPB. And yes, there will also be snacks!



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