ILW 2015 – A Peek Behind-The-Scenes of Bedlam Theatre

Day 1 of Innovative Learning Week! Today was a chance for me to have a literal peek behind-the-scenes…of Bedlam Theatre’s week-long series of Theatre Design and Construction workshops!

When I arrived I was plunged into the darkness of the audience pit, where a smoke machine was billowing out over the velvet seats. It was accompanied by the odd fitful roll of thunder or crash of lightening. This, ladies and gentlemen, bears all the signs of a theatrical tempest in the making. I was tempted to stagger across the stage doing my best King Lear impression…but resisted.

Pippa 1

Instead I stumbled into the café area, where two of the biggest dream-catchers you’ve ever seen were being made by some extremely deft and nimble-fingered folk. It looked…extremely tricky. And all with only a pile of feathers, ribbon, tissue paper, bells, hula-hoops…well, quite a lot of things. These beauties are going to be hung from the rafters in the main stage when they’re finished, which will be a sight to see. Go check out their exhibition towards the end of the week!

Pippa 2

Finally, I discovered a workshop of mask-makers tucked away backstage, up to their elbows in glue and newspaper and deeply absorbed in the task at hand. The project was still at an early stage but the masks already looked amazing, quite Picasso-esque, with arched brows and staring eyes. Can’t wait to see the completed objects! Don’t forget, if you create something this week, bring it back to the ILW FAIR from 14.30-16.30 @ the Main Library on Friday, so we can share ILW chat and objects from the week over a glass of wine!

Pippa 3

Pippa 4

Pippa 5

Pippa 6

Written by Pippa Carter, ILW Student Ambassador 



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