Shoot the Uni: Photography Competition – Commissioning Meeting


This morning I attended ‘Shoot the Uni: Photography Competition – Commissioning Meeting’ at the Centre for Research Collections,, just one of the several photography events that are running at the university during the academic year’s Innovative Learning Week. The event has beeon organised by Information Services and gives the opportunity for some budding photographers to win to have their work used by the university and, for the three best entries, to win some vouchers that can be used for photography equipment.

The event began with a brief run-through of what roles Information Services performs for the university, there are a lot! One of their tasks is to run the university website along with a quarterly publication. For these, photos are needed. It was explained that normally a professional photographer would be commissioned but on this occasion the university was wanting students to be commissioned to perform this task.

Gillian Kidd, one of the university’s graphic designers, explained what was required. Six high resolution digital images will be needed, this allows the images to be used electronically or in print, but they can be either in colour or black and white. There are four categories to be filled:

  • People with Technology
  • Students on Campus
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Modern Perspectives on University Buildings

And all the students must have submitted their entries by midday on the 19th February. The winners will be awarded their prizes at the Innovative Learning Week fair at the end of the week. (for more information, go to ( Furthermore, all the entries will be exhibited.

Following this the contestants where given some dos and don’ts to follow , e.g. it’s only polite to ask for permission before taking somebody’s picture! Some helpful tips were offered, such as they may find it easier if they enlist their friends to pose for them, and some criteria that had to be fulfilled. Such as the requirment for the who, what and where of photos to make sure they can be copyrighted. Otherwise the university can’t use them!

To finish up, we were given a tour of the studios that the CRC uses to carry out their work and told a bit more about some of the things they’ve worked with in the past. The wealth of material they have worked on is astonishing. See for yourself,, They’ve even photographed William Burke’s skeleton here!


Written by Rae Kenny, ILW Student Ambassador


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