Collaborate 24-hour magazine

For Innovative Learning Weak, Retrospect, the History, Classics and Archaeology student journal, organised a 24-hour magazine that offered students the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the publication, media and communications world. Four talks by academics and professionals offered students valuable insight into a career in media covering as varied aspects as academia in media, Edinburgh University Press and local crime reporting. These were accompanied by five workshop sessions that taught hands-on skills such as design, writing and social media promotion.

Collaborate was a great opportunity to have a peek into a potential career in journalism, publishing and communications. Staying for 24-hours was not compulsory but I believe most people ended up staying for at least a substantial chunk of it and we have all gotten closer in the collaborative effort over coffee and tea, lunch and dinner.

Collaborate reflects this team spirit with many contributions having been jointly developed. For example, two students decided to write about the male and female perspective on the TV series Take Me Out, while others went for a reflective walk on the Royal Mile to report on their experience. Towards the early morning the articles were finally all edited and just after sunrise the team finished the design. The magazine went live at 9am on Tuesday morning and the night crew all went to bed exhausted but proud of their achievements soon after!

The finished copy of Collaborate is not least a great memory for us that reminds us of the great time we had together, the new friends we made over our shared meals and during our engaging discussions, the interesting workshops and talks we attended and most of all – the amazing magazine we wrote, edited and designed.

Read our 24 hour edition of Collaborate:

Written by Katrin Heilmann, Digital Communications Intern


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