No Time To Waste: A Visions For Change Salon

Calum 6

On the Tuesday of Innovative Learning Week, Lucy Miu – from the department of Social Responsibility and Sustainability – led an event to show the value of recycling old objects and how important this is for sustainability.  Taking place in the Sculpture Court in Edinburgh College of Art, the event filled up quickly with many students coming along keen to get involved in this hands-on workshop.

Calum 1

The event began with a short introduction by Lucy, followed by a series of presentations from speakers who had been invited in to talk to the attendees of the event.  First up was Sophie Rippinger who works as part of the Waste Team at the University of Edinburgh, and she discussed how much waste the University disposes of each year; an alarming figure that unfortunately is rising each year.  Her department are working very hard to decrease this volume of waste and it is hoped that useful workshops like this will go a long way to help.

Calum 3

Bruce McLean from CCL North then gave a short presentation detailing a bit about how electronic goods can be recycled once they are broken so that they do not go completely to waste.  He talked a bit about the different types of goods that his company recycled and was even kind enough to offer anyone interested a tour of a recycling plant.

Calum 4

Finally we had a talk from a founder of Remade in Edinburgh, a reuse and repair centre that emerged from a community-led initiative.  They aim to teach valuable skills of how to reuse and recycle certain goods so that they do not have to go to waste.

Calum 5

Once these talks were over, it was time for those attending event, who were sat in groups, to get up and choose an old item from a table that they would take apart as a group with the help of some tools and any necessary supervision.  Once taken apart, the uses for each individual part would be highlighted to show how valuable it is to recycle goods.

Calum 7

The workshop was very engaging and hands-on, and everyone who came along seemed very keen to get stuck right in.  A good time was had by all.

Calum 8

Calum 9

Calum 10

Calum 11

Calum 12

Calum 13

Written by Calum Mackie, ILW Student Ambassador


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