Quite the Pancake Day!

Not quite the usual first task I undertake on a Tuesday morning, however Could You Beat the Stock Market and Win £50? proved a very exciting and engaging event.

In short, all participants were allocated £25, and in the subsequent five rounds were shown a stock price chart and asked to decide whether they thought the price would rise or fall in the short term.

George 1

With everyone given different charts there was no way of peeking at another screen to see what their choice was! Overall, the results showed that it was almost 50/50 between winning and losing each round, a result helping to show that in the short term the stock market can’t be predicted!

Next up was Archaeology Beyond the Living, a full day event exploring the methods used by osteoarchaeologists and forensic antropologists. This hands on event explored skeletal remains and how they can be used to uncover and learn a lot from the past, such as diet, age and cultural identity. Alongside the informative talks, we were invited to touch and inspect more closely remains.

George 2

Ever thought building a calculator out of LEGO was possible? No? Well neither did I until venturing into the LEGO Calculator Challenge event. By bringing the calculator back to basics and mastering the idea of binary, it soon became a relatively easy undertaking to create a basic addition calculator (such as the model posted below).

George 3

Building upon this, participants were then invited to be creative and create a LEGO construction of their choice incorporating a binary calculator. Ideas were wide and varied, with the group pictured below attempting to build a rubber-band pull-back car which counted the distance traveled!

George 4

Finally, I was off to The HeatHack Shrove Tuesday Balloon Trials in Christ Church, Morningside. The idea behind the event was to measure temperature differentials alongside air flows throughout the church, resulting in a more effective heating/insulation setup being created.

Using balloons with temperature gauges in different areas of the church, a model was then constructed and results allocated respectively.

George 5

The results showed that above the organ (about half way up the tower) was a poorly insulated window in which cool air was allowed into the building, which subsequently travelled down the organ and was positioned onto the organists head! On a wider scale, it was this pocket of cooler air which was lowering the temperature of the majority of the east-end of the church!

George 6

Of course, it wouldn’t have been complete without pancakes and a blimp flying around to celebrate a hard day’s work!

George 7

Written by George Wood, ILW Student Ambassador


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