FetLor Youth Club – Photo Fun


On Tuesday I dropped by a fantastic community out-reach event that had the aim of giving some kids from FetLor Youth Club a brief glimpse of what university can offer them and an opportunity to experience the art world. This can let them know what options are available to them in later life. And this is all done in a fun atmosphere!

FELTO                      FELTO111

The event was organised by Mairéad Keating, a fourth year photography student at ECA. She was also supported  on the day by fellow students Cora, Charlie and Amy and staff members John  the technician and his assistant Jack. Preparing for the event beforehand a multitude of students and members of staff also helped out ensuring a successful event! This, however, is not Mairéad’s first time working with the kids of FetLor as she has been conducting a portraiture project at the club over the past year. You can see some of the images on the link below:


FetLor is Scotland’s oldest running youth club and states on their website:

“We operate in the Greater Pilton area of Edinburgh – an area with some of the most underprivileged and deprived children in the UK. FetLor provides educational, social and recreational opportunities to young people. There is an emphasis on outdoor activities (cycling, sailing, climbing etc). Currently, we have more than 80 active members aged 10 -17 visiting the project several times a week.

The project is open to all. We never shy away from dealing with some of the most difficult of young people whose issues and behaviour often leave them excluded from school and society. This inclusive policy creates its own problems, but the rewards are huge.”

The children visited on Monday and Tuesday and this was their first hands-on experience of photography. This allowed them to take their own pictures, learn how to develop them themselves and afterwards they can auction their photographs with all proceeds going to the youth club.    Mairéad says of the kids, they ‘are bright, talented and funny and it is a pleasure working with them.’ And when I visited on Tuesday it was clear how much fun everybody was having. I think there are some amazing events running this week and, in my opinion, this is one of the best! I hope you can make it along to the ILW fair this Friday to see for yourselves how how great an experience this was for everybody involved and how enjoy their work!

Written by Rae Kenny, ILW Student Ambassador












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