Rae Kenny’s Snapshot of Thursday

Rararara 1

My first event of the day was Science Ceilidh & Workshops. The event has been organised by Lewis Hou a neuroscience researcher here at the university and aims to bring people together through science and music. Whilst there I watched as the group practiced some presentations. These were about topics like ‘how do cells grow’ and How do we hear?’ These were done in a fun manner that would allow children, and even history students such as myself, to understand them!

Tomorrow the event moves to the Teviot Debating Hall where ceilidh dances will be adapted, like ‘Dashing White Blood Cells’ and new ones created. Those will be performed at the Brainwaves Science Ceildh at Summerhall on 17th April (last year’s event sold out). Everyone is welcome, if you’re from a musical, dance or science background or even if it’s something you fancy trying out. In the evening the dances will be performed with a professional ceilidh dance in attendance.





Then in the early afternoon I swung by the Teviot to catch a bit of ‘Yes to Chess 2: Not Just Black and White’. This was a full day event organised by the Chess Society and was open to all within and outside the university, beginners and grand masters alike1 In the morning there were coaching sessions before a stop for lunch. In the afternoon there was chess competition with £150 up for grabs! The competion was round robin format with each participant playing twelve five minute games. I was asked if I wanted to join in but unfortunately (or fortunately, I imagine I would have suffered twelve defeats on the trot!) I had to shoot off to attend my last event of the day, The Great University Bake-Off. But this looked like a lot of fun so if you like playing the game of kings or want to learn, remember it doesn’t matter what level you’ve reached. Remember to look it up next time!

Written by Rae Kenny, ILW Student Ambassador







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