Venture and Manuscripts

These opportunities don’t come often!

Inviting Venture Philanthropists to the Ivory Tower

The opportunity to hear from leading philanthropists certainly made myself one of many eager to get the panel started as we took out seats. The theme surrounding the evening was to explore whether the digital age enhanced the opportunities of philanthropy.

Three well-known venture philanthropists (VP) discussed their backgrounds and experiences. They included:

 Russell Dalgleish, Chairman: WeAreTheFuture

Tom Ward, Chairman: Foundation Scotland

Sandy Kennedy, Chief Executive: The Saltire Foundation

After an introduction into the backgrounds of the philanthropists, a workshop was held for those eager to learn new skills from the masters and help to run their own initiatives more effectively.

A key take away from this event was that more and more of the younger generation are opting for a ‘safer’ and ‘more stable’ start to the career, rather than work on and achieve what they really want to be doing.

After this, those with ideas were asked to propose their ideas to the philanthropists; many gruelling questions were asked and all answered strongly! For those ideas the philanthropists liked venture capital awaited!

Medieval Manuscripts in the Library

It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to look at 1000 year old manuscripts.

The intricate details throughout amazed us all as we saw vibrant colours alongside goldleaf coated letters.


The works ranged between from 1000 to 1500 AD and, as a result, the majority of the works were in Latin. Fortunately there are some accompanying details to give a glimpse into what they were telling.

The sheer amount of detail which went into producing these works was incredible, which meant that often they were very expensive relative to wages during the time of their production.


Many of the works which remain are ‘Hours’ works, which are a compilation of prayers to be said at certain hours of the day, particularly by monks. It can be seen that purchasing a very sacred and expensive manuscript can be seen as an act of devotion.




Written by George Wood, ILW Student Ambassador

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