Expect the Unexpected

Art 5

On Thursday of ILW 2015, Amanda Gizzi from Moray House collaborated with the National Portrait Gallery to deliver a captivating and inspiring workshop that encouraged participants to browse the museum to look for two things:

First of all, they were to look to see if the Gallery achieved its purpose of accurately representing Scotland as a nation.  At first, this concept may be hard to grasp but on walking round the exhibits everything became a bit more apparent.  Alongside paintings and images of traditional Scottish dress, people, and customs, existed a wide variety of difference cultures that successfully represents the multi-cultural nation we have become; a truly great nation.

Art 8

Secondly, those who attended the event were encouraged to look closely at the works of art on show to see if they could see themselves in any of the paintings/images.  Again, this idea may seem a bit abstract to the non-arty types but nevertheless upon browsing the exhibits, illumination occurred.  Participants began to interpret the artwork in their own ways and this was a great way to convey the importance of free art as a concept.

Art 9

All the staff organising the event were welcoming, friendly and engaging, as well as being encouraging of participants to make the most of the creative event.  It was truly an inspiring event and successfully captured the essence of Innovative Learning Week.  We can only hope that Amanda will be so kind as to run the event again next year…

Art 6

Art 4

Art 2


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