ILW 2015 Draws to a Close

A creative week’s work finally coming together.

Friday saw many of the creations produced throughout the week be shown to those eager, students and public alike, may this have been at the Innovative Learning Week fair held in the Library or at other venues. It was a great way to enjoy all the hard work and creativity which had gone into making the week such a success!

University of Edinburgh Composers Orchestra Presents: An Improvisor’s Workshop

Whether or not you could play an instrument, let alone had held one before, this interactive workshop let anyone eager to gain a greater understanding of improvisation get involved.

The workshop was led by Zack Moir, a Teaching Fellow in the Reid School of Music. After a brief discussion as to our thoughts on the definition of improvising, we were soon to pick up our instruments (or play one of the many available if we hadn’t) and simultaneously improvise! Unsurprisingly enough it wasn’t be best sound ever heard – however this was the outcome Zack was looking for as we then followed some non-playing exercises in order to improve our improvising methods together.


Building upon the quick but invaluable lessons we had just learnt, music started to be made. This time around, however with a general direction, leading to quite a production!

Held in the Reid Concert Hall, this gave us the perfect opportunity to record our creation at the end of the session – a real highlight to be able to hear back all that we had learnt and have something to savour from the workshop!

Nothing New Under the Sun: A Masterclass in Building Memory Theatres

A week long workshop with the creations displayed on Friday in the Edinburgh College of Art Sculpture Court, the works of art really were to be marveled at.


Throughout the week, students had been taking part in workshops led by Jonathan Mills, former director of the Edinburgh International Festival. Split into three groups they created a range of displays including sonic and camera art.



The reception was very positive, with many intrigued and getting involved with the works (as shown above).

Written by George Wood, ILW Student Ambassador


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