ILW Meet-Ups!

Our monthly ILW Meet-ups are for those interested in running an event as part of the Festival programme. Each Meet-up is on a particular topic which we have designed in order to give you the most important information at the most relevant time.

The Meet-ups will give you important information on the festival, networks, and the process for applying and delivering your event.  In addition to meeting people from other parts of the University (and potential collaborators), Meet-ups are a great opportunity to ask questions and get advice on putting on a great event.

While the Meet-ups aren’t compulsory for event organisers, they are very useful. The sessions complement our new ILW Handbook and information provided online.  If you miss these sessions, you can get more information from your ILW School Coordinator and the ILW Central Team.

  1. Ideas Development, 30 September, 4pm. Basic ILW information and updates on this year’s programme. Declare your idea (or just get more information), look for crossover, meet some ILW School Coordinators and other faces.
  2. Event Design, 28 October, 4pm. Working through information and considerations you’ll need to outline in your application.
  3. Logistics, 25 November, 4pm. Looking at options for dates, venues, catering, etc.  Health & safety and getting the ‘all clear’
  4. Promotion, 9 December, 4pm. Advice and guidance on promoting your event and resources that might help.
  5. Legacy, Impact and Final Touches, 20 January, 4pm. Discuss measuring impact and making sure that everything is in place

Register your interest here


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