Innovative learning week story series: The Edinburgh Apprentice

This week we will be asking previous event organisers to share their experiences of participating in Innovative Learning Week. Starting the ILW story series off we hear from Elizabeth Docherty, Co-project Manager of The Edinburgh Apprentice competition 2015.

Tell us about your event?

The Edinburgh Apprentice is an event run by ICUE society (Innovative Careers university of Edinburgh). It is designed to help improve the employability of students through five events taking place over ILW. Working with new sponsors every year, the competition’s aim is to help students develop a range of crucial skills necessary for employment such as public speaking, team working, time management and problem solving. The Edinburgh apprentice does not only help the candidates who apply, but also the team organising the event.

What did you gain for organising an ILW event?

Organising the Edinburgh Apprentice is a large task especially when there are a number of sponsors involved, which means a lot of people are able to get involved to help. I personally learned skills such as email writing, team management and organisational skills. An ILW event allows you to meet like-minded people who enjoy similar activities to yourself. I have met many friends through the Edinburgh Apprentice, some of which I will have for life. These friendships and experiences have been some of the best at my time at University.

What was the best moment of the competition?

My favourite moment was the Networking dinner in 2014. After months of hard work finally see everything come together successfully, in front of 20 candidates who have just learnt numbers new skills, and sponsors, standing alongside my friends. Best moment of uni!


The Edinburgh Apprentice organisers 2015.


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