Innovative learning week story series: Edinburgh University Yoga Society.

Our second story comes from Edinburgh University Society who held their first Innovative Learning Week event last year. They have used their ‘Day of Yoga’ template since for a successful freshers event and will continue to use this for other society events. We asked former president Caroline Hall-Eastman about her experience as an ILW event organiser.

-Describe your event?

The event was called ‘Day of Yoga’ which is precisely what it sounds Iike! We had six different free classes on, including Kundalini, Ashtanga, and Hatha yoga. Each class provided an introduction to a specific style of yoga, focusing on breathing techniques and postures.

-What did you gain for organising an ILW event/why do you think students should get involved and organise an event?

I gained useful experience in organisational tasks: writing a funding application, arranging room bookings, coordinating with teachers, and publicising the event. More importantly though, it was wonderful to see hundreds of people enjoying yoga! I think students should get involved because it is very satisfying to see hard work and planning turn into a fun event. The more students that get involved, the more original, interesting events that will happen during ILW!

-What was the best moment of the day?

Not having to turn a single person away! Our weekly yoga classes were very oversubscribed so unfortunately lots of people weren’t able to attend them. It was great that this wasn’t an issue at the event!

yoga soc


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