Innovative Learning Week story series: Horsing Around?

Our next story comes from Dr.Jessie Paterson of The Royal School of Veterinary Studies. Last year she ran a collabrative ILW event with Edinburgh College of Art.

Describe your event?
Our event was aimed at bringing together Vet and Art students to explore horse anatomy in a fun and interactive way. Using our teaching horses as models and led by the artist Harriet Mead during an afternoon the students started by producing charcoal drawings of the horses before moving on the create wire models.

What is involved in organising an ILW event?
Organising an event was very much like putting a jigsaw together and working together as a team. From a chat over a coffee we hatched a plan that involved pulling together different threads to produce an event that we think really worked for all those that attended. The first stage was putting the funding bid together and at that stage the team effort really showed through with everyone helping to ensure that what we finally submitted covered all we wanted to do and why! As the event was cross-School, involved an external artist, used live animals and needed a range of materials there on the day it meant we had to be organised and very much work as a team to pull the whole thing together. I think it all worked as we had the enthusiasm for our own wee bits but yet understood the big picture of where things all fitted to make sure nothing was mixed – it wasn’t anyone person’s project it was “our” project. It wouldn’t have worked without having such a great team and also the enthusiasm and willingness of all those we “roped” in all the way to help out. It was hard work but it was fun too!!

What was the best moment of the event?

The BIG highlight was seeing the obvious enjoyment on the faces of all those who attended but also the sense that folks were learning too. At the end the main response was – ‘when are we doing this again?!’


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